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Cameras Offer Advanced Technology 
Cameras have come a long way from the early days of expensive, grainy, black-and-white video footage. Today, cameras record in high-definition, can be activated by motion sensors, capture images in the dark with night-vision capabilities, include speakers and microphones, and are hidden and discreet. The latest advances in home security cameras have produced a variety of camera types. Homeowners can choose between indoor, outdoor, motion detecting, night vision, wireless, and pan and tilt features.

Video Surveillance Provides Anytime, Anywhere Monitoring
A security system alone can’t give you clear images of the status of your house. With camera surveillance, you can watch what’s happening in and around your home in real time, no matter where you are.

Video Surveillance Deters Burglars
Camera surveillance helps keep criminals away because burglars don’t want video of them committing crimes. And today’s cameras don’t just capture a crime after it occurs. They are excellent warning features. With two-way audio functions, homeowners can talk to burglars through the camera and tell them they’re calling the police.

Cameras Can Check on People and Pets
When you set up a video camera in your home, you can check on kids, babysitters, parents, and pets when you’re away from the home. This way, you ensure your loved ones and four-legged friends are safe and out of trouble.

Cameras Enhance Outdoor Security
Outdoor areas were previously difficult to monitor because of security system limitations. However, video surveillance monitors dark outdoor spaces through a camera’s night-vision capabilities and motion-sensitive lighting.

Video surveillance is a great way to start securing your home, but you can also use cameras to enhance your existing security system setup. Review our resources to learn more about how home security cameras can aid your home security system.