U1 of Jackson LLC with over 35 years experience in technology industry.


With over 35 years in the Tech industry you could say we grew up as technology did. We are well versed in many aspects of technology and try to keep up with the latest standards. Whether it’s Computers, networks latest security camera systems or Digital Menu Boards we have you covered.

Video Security

Home / Office / Retail / Business Video Security

Cameras Offer Advanced Technology 
Cameras have come a long way from the early days of expensive, grainy, black-and-white video footage. Today, cameras record in high-definition, can be activated by motion sensors, capture images in the dark with night-vision capabilities, include speakers and microphones, and are hidden and discreet. The latest advances in home security cameras have produced a variety of camera types. Homeowners can choose between indoor, outdoor, motion detecting, night vision, wireless, and pan and tilt features. Continue reading “Video Security”

Digital Menu Boards

1) A Digital Menu is Worth a Thousand Bites
A digital menu board replaces your traditional signs and posters. It shows a more realistic expectation of what your food looks like, giving you the opportunity to draw people in and make them hungry. A digital menu gives you better control over where your customer’s eyes go. Take advantage of video and animated gifs. Entertain and educate people waiting in line or walking by your restaurant. Continue reading “Digital Menu Boards”


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